Andrik the Unsmiling

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the Unsmiling
Andrik the Unsmiling by cloudninja9.jpg
Andrik the Unsmiling, by cloudninja9©

Alias Andrik the Unsmiling[1]
Title Lord of Southshield[2]
Culture ironborn

Andrik the Unsmiling is an ironborn warrior serving Lord Dunstan Drumm[1] and Balon Greyjoy.[3]

Appearance and Character

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Andrik is described as having thick arms and being very big and powerful.[4] According to singers, Andrik is the fiercest living ironborn warrior.[1] The taciturn Andrik has a reputation for not smiling.[5]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Andrik accompanies Lord Dunstan Drumm to the kingsmoot and is, along with Denys and Donnel Drumm, one of Lord Drumm's champions during the choosing. Euron Greyjoy is chosen king, however.[4]

After the taking of the Shields, Andrik is made Lord of Southshield by Euron. Victarion Greyjoy sees this as part of Euron's plan to buy or remove the supporters of his rivals.[5]


The singers call Andrik best now. Andrik the Unsmiling, they name him. A giant of a man.[1]

Andrik the Unsmiling, a giant of a man with arms as thick as trees. It spoke well of the Drumm that such a man would stand for him.[4]

—thoughts of Aeron Greyjoy


Preceded by Lord of Southshield
300 AC–present