Arrec Durrandon

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Arrec Durrandon
Marc Simonetti Storm King Arrec Durrandon.jpg
Storm King Arrec Durrandon. © Marc Simonetti
Biographical Information
Full Name Arrec Durrandon
Other Titles Storm King
Royal House House Durrandon
Heir Arlan V Durrandon
Successor Arlan V Durrandon
Issue Arlan V Durrandon
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (appendix)

Arrec Durrandon was a Storm King of the stormlands from House Durrandon who lost the wealthy riverlands to the Iron Islands. He was also the grandsire of the last Storm King, Argilac Durrandon.[1]


Arrec was the last Storm King to rule the riverlands, an area conquered by his ancestor Arlan III Durrandon some three hundred years earlier. Harwyn Hardhand, King of the Iron Islands, used the mobility of ironborn longships to defeat the stormlanders in the riverlands. Arrec's greatest defeat was in the Battle at Fairmarket. Later in life, Arrec tried twice to cross the Blackwater and take back the lost lands, but failed.[2][3] Arrec was succeeded by his eldest son, Arlan V.[2]


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