Battle for the Dawn

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Battle for the Dawn
T Jedruszek songofnight.jpg
Wights attack the First Men.
Art by Tomasz Jedruszek
Conflict The Long Night
Date Age of Heroes
Result Defeat of the Others
End of the Long Night and the endless winter
Night's Watch.svg Night's Watch the Others
unknown unknown
unknown unknown

The Battle for the Dawn was a legendary battle against the Others which marked the end of the Long Night during the Age of Heroes.[1] It is possibly connected with the legends of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, and the last hero.


In the midst of the darkness of the Long Night, the Others emerged from the far north, wielding razor-thin swords of ice and raising the dead to fight the living. The children of the forest and their allies, the First Men, fought against them, but were driven southwards by their advance.[2] The Others were eventually checked when it was discovered that weapons made of dragonglass could kill them.[3]

According to the song "The Night That Ended", the first members of the Night's Watch rode against the Others and drove them back north in the Battle for the Dawn.[4] Maesters generally believe the defeat of the Others and the construction of the Wall occurred six thousand years ago, although True History states these events were eight thousand years ago.[5]


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