Bountiful Harvest

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Bountiful Harvest is a Pentoshi trading cog owned by Illyrio Mopatis. It has a large midship.[1] The cabin is at the stern of the ship and is large and lavishly furnished. The cabin windows are stained glass and the carpets are deep. It is furnished with great leather chairs that can seat three men quite comfortably, as they were built to Illyrio's measure.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

While crossing Blackwater Bay, the Bountiful Harvest is seized by Salladhor Saan, ostensibly for evading the new duties and customs he had imposed after being named Lord of Blackwater Bay by Stannis Baratheon's Hand of the King, Lord Alester Florent.[1]

In Dragonstone's harbor, Ser Davos Seaworth finds his friend Salladhor in the seized ship's hold counting cargo with two eunuchs. The Harvest was supposed to be carrying forty-three jars of pepper but was carrying only thirty-nine. Davos is taken to the owner's cabin where he and Salladhor discuss recent events. When Davos talks of seeking vengeance, Salladhor becomes angry and Davos leaves.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

The Bountiful Harvest is part of the fleet that carries Stannis's army north to the Wall. The fleet encounters violent storms on its way back south toward White Harbor and Bountiful Harvest is one of many ships that are lost. A gale in the Shivering Sea rips away Harvest's rigging, forcing Salladhor to have her towed. Ten leagues north of Widow's Watch, heavy seas slam Harvest into one of the galleys towing her, sinking both ships.[2]


A coarse grind, and of the second quality, my nose declares. The bill of landing is saying forty-three jars. Where have the others gotten to, I am wondering? These Pentoshi, do they think I am not counting? [1]