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Title Captain of the Adventure
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

The captain of the Adventure is a smuggler and pirate. His given name is unknown.

Appearance and Character

He has a narrow face that appears feral when he smiles. He speaks the Common Tongue of Westeros.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

While the Adventure is anchored in Volantis, the captain is approached by Quentyn Martell and Gerris Drinkwater to hire the ship to take them to Meereen. The captain refuses citing the end of the slave trade in the city as well as the war in Slaver's Bay. Nevertheless, he is quick to accept when Gerris offers to pay thrice the usual fee and both agree to set sail an hour before first light - sealing the deal with a toast of ale. After parting from the captain, Quentyn and Gerris realize that the man will likely kill them or enslave them once they are aboard and out of sight.[1]


I am no stranger to Meereen. I could find the city again, aye ... but why? There are no slaves to be had in Meereen, no profit to be found there. the silver queen has put an end to that. She has even closed the fighting pits, so a poor sailor cannot even amuse himself as he waits to fill his holds.[1]

—the captain to Gerris Drinkwater and Quentyn Martell


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