Denzo D'han

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Windblown.svgDenzo D'han
the warrior bard
Denzo D'han TheMico.jpg
Denzo D'han, by TheMico ©

  • The warrior bard[1]
  • The warrior poet[2]
Title Captain[1]
Allegiance Windblown
Culture Free Cities
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Denzo D'han is a sellsword captain of the Windblown. A warrior bard, he is the left hand of the Tattered Prince.[3]


Denzo is a seasoned warrior who does not come from Westeros. He is a veteran of hundred battles.[1] He is a poet.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Denzo is part of the siege of Astapor, and he is present when the Tattered Prince commands several Windblown who are originally from Westeros to go over to Daenerys Targaryen.[1]

After Ser Gerris Drinkwater informs the Windblown that Prince Quentyn Martell wants to meet with the Tattered Prince, Denzo relays the message that the sellsword captain will meet them near the spice market of Meereen.[2] Denzo is present alongside Caggo and Meris when the Tattered Prince meets Quentyn, Gerris, and Ser Archibald Yronwood at the Purple Lotus to hear Quentyn's proposal. Denzo whistles when Quentyn asks for aid in stealing one of Daenerys's dragons.[2]

Quotes by Denzo

That was butchery, not battle.[1]

—Denzo regarding the siege of Astapor

Let us be frank. The Yunkai'i do not inspire confidence. Whatever the outcome of this war, the Windblown should share in the spoils of victory. Our prince is wise to keep all roads open.[1]

—Denzo to the Tattered Prince

Quotes about Denzo

Denzo was a captain, and veteran of a hundred battles. Frog's experience was limited to practice yard and tourney ground, so he did not think it was his place to dispute the verdict of such a seasoned warrior.[1]

—thoughts of Quentyn Martell