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Caggo Corpsekiller TheMico.jpg
Caggo, by The Mico ©

  • Caggo Corpsekiller[1]
  • The Corpsekiller[2]
Title Captain of the Windblown
Allegiance Windblown
Culture Dothraki[3]
Born Dothraki Sea[3]
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Caggo, also known as Caggo Corpsekiller, is a sellsword of Dothraki origin[3] and a captain of the Windblown.[1] He is the right hand man of the Tattered Prince.[4]

Appearance and Character

Caggo is a huge man with a seamed, scarred face.[1]

Although Caggo is quick to anger, he is well regarded by the Tattered Prince, the leader of the Windblown.[1]

Caggo rides a monstrous warhorse and wields a rare arakh of Valyrian steel.[1]


Ser Lucifer Long resents that Caggo once took a slave girl from the knight, and the Dothraki then killed the girl because he considered her ugly.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Caggo participates in the siege of Astapor, during which he hacks down Cleon, the Butcher King of that city. Caggo becomes known as the Corpsekiller, however, when it is revealed that Cleon was just a corpse in armor tied to a horse.[1]

Caggo, Denzo D'han, and Meris are present when the Tattered Prince meets Prince Quentyn Martell and his companions, Ser Archibald Yronwood and Ser Gerris Drinkwater, in the undercellar of the Purple Lotus in Meereen. They agree to Quentyn's proposal to steal one of the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Meereen.[5] Disguised with the cobra mask of a Brazen Beast, Caggo beheads a guard and calls for his sellswords to bring chains for the dragons.[2] The plan is ruined, however, when Quentyn is mortally wounded by dragonfire, and the sellswords scatter to safety.[2][6]


Caggo Corpsekiller the men were calling him now, though not to his face; he was quick to anger, and that curved black sword of his was as nasty as its owner.[1]

—thoughts of Quentyn Martell