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Drogo's manse is a residence belonging to Khal Drogo within the city of Pentos. It sits besides the Bay of Pentos.[1] The magisters of Pentos granted the manse to the khal to dissuade his khalasar from attacking their city.[1]


The manse has nine towers and high brick walls overgrown with pale ivy.[1] Its gates are guarded by Unsullied, including at least one of Dothraki origin.[1]

The manse's interior is scented with spices, pinchfire, lemon, and cinnamon. A colored glass mosaic in the entry hall displays the Doom of Valyria. The manse has an arch of twining stone leaves and a pillared courtyard overgrown with ivy.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Betrothed to Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen travels from Illyrio's manse to attend a feast at Drogo's manse.[1] Drogo gives his estates to Daenerys and her brother, Viserys, for their residence until her wedding. One night they eat honey duck and orange snap peppers.[2] The day after the wedding, the Targaryen siblings accompany Drogo's khalasar on a journey to Vaes Dothrak.[3]


It is not that we fear these barbarians. The Lord of Light would hold our city walls against a million Dothraki, or so the red priests promise ... yet why take chances, when their friendship comes so cheap?[1]

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