Glendon Flowers

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Quentyn Ball.svg Ser
Glendon Flowers
Quentyn Ball.svg
  • Glendon Ball[1]
  • The Knight of the Pussywillows[1]
  • Glendon the Bastard[1]
  • The Bastard of the Pussywillows[1]
Title Ser[1]
Culture Reach
Born 197 AC[2]
Father Quentyn Ball (supposed)
Mother Penny Jenny
Personal arms A fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field[1]
Book The Mystery Knight (appears)

Glendon Flowers was a hedge knight during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen. He referred to himself as Glendon Ball, but was mockingly referred to as the Knight of the Pussywillows.[1]

Glendon claimed to be the son of Ser Quentyn Ball, a renowned knight known as "Fireball", and used the personal coat-of-arms of his alleged father, a fireball blazing red and yellow across a night black field, as his own.[1]

Appearance and Character

Glendon was short and chunky, with thick shoulders and arms heavy with muscle. He had small, close-set eyes, shaggy thick eyebrows, a bulbous nose, a prominent chin and pimples on his cheeks. He had dark brown hair.[1]

Glendon's clothes were of good cloth, but well-worn and ill-matched. He possessed a clean handsome doublet of old garment with gold lace at the cuffs and collar and the red chevron and white plates of House Ball sewn across the chest. He owned an iron halfhelm.[1]

Glendon was proud to be the son of Fireball, and liked to boast of coming from "hero's blood".[1]


Early life

Glendon was born to a camp follower, known as Penny Jenny. Penny claimed that Glendon's father was Ser Quentyn Ball. After the war, Jenny came to work in a brothel called the Pussywillows, where Glendon and his sister were raised. After Penny died, Glendon and his sister were looked after by the other women working at the Pussywillows.[1]

Glendon was taught the knightly arts by an old squire that lived nearby the brothel. In 211 AC, half a year before the Whitewalls tourney, Glendon was knighted by Ser Morgan Dunstable in front of two dozen witnesses in exchange for Glendon's sister giving up her maidenhead to Morgan.[1]

Whitewalls tourney

Glendon was among the hedge knights camped next to the Gods Eye before the wedding tourney at Whitewalls. He hoped to claim the dragon egg prize and make a name for himself. After almost being refused entry to Whitewalls, Glendon participated in the tourney and unhorsed Ser Argrave the Defiant, Lord Alyn Cockshaw, Lord Costayne, and Ser Mortimer Boggs.[1]

In an effort to remove him from the path of Daemon II Blackfyre and victory, Lord Gormon Peake framed Ser Glendon with the theft of the dragon egg. He was tortured by Ser Tommard Heddle while in the dungeons and was only released on the condition he face Daemon in a joust. While still reeling from the effects of the torture, Glendon unhorsed Daemon in the first tilt, proving his innocence.[1]