Hagen's daughter

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Hagen's daughter
Hagens Daughter TheMico.jpg
Hagen's daughter, by TheMico

Allegiance House Greyjoy
Culture ironborn
Born 282 AC or 283 AC[1]
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Hagen's daughter is the ironborn daughter of Hagen the Horn. Both are crew member on Asha Greyjoy's ship Black Wind. Her given name is unknown.

Appearance and Character

She is a beautiful woman with long red hair. She can steer a ship as well as any man.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Hagen's daughter, along with the rest of Asha Greyjoy's supporters, sails to Deepwood Motte with Asha as she contemplates her next move. When talking with Tristifer Botley, Asha tells Tris that Hagen's daughter looks at him, but he tells Asha that he does not want Hagen's daughter.[2]

Fleeing from Deepwood back to the ships in the Bay of Ice, Asha and her men rest in the wolfswood and wait for sunrise. During the respite Hagen's daughter seizes Tristifer by the hand and attempts to draw him off into the trees for an amorous encounter. When Tris refuses her, she goes off with Six-Toed Harl instead.[2]

The northmen soon catch up to the ironmen, however, and a bloody, confusing battle ensues. In the thick of the fight by Deepwood Motte, Asha sees Hagen's daughter burst naked from beneath the trees with two northmen at her heels. Asha takes one of the men down with her axe, while the daughter slays the second man with the sword of the first.[2] Her fate after the battle is unknown. She was likely slain as only few ironborn survived the battle.[N 1]


Hagen's daughter stumbled to her knees, snatched up his sword, stabbed the second man, and then rose again, smeared with blood and mud, her long red hair unbound, and plunged into the fight.[2]

—thoughts of Asha Greyjoy


  1. Only 9 Ironborn survived the battle: Asha Greyjoy, Tristifer Botley, Qarl the Maid, Grimtongue, Cromm, Roggon, Fingers, Rook, and an unnamed ninth survivor.


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