Six-Toed Harl

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Six-Toed Harl
Harl TheMico.jpg

Alias Six-Toed Harl
Culture ironborn
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Six-Toed Harl is one of the crew on Asha Greyjoy's ship, Black Wind.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Six-Toed Harl, along with the rest of Asha Greyjoy's, supporters sails to Deepwood Motte with Asha as she contemplates her next move.[1] While fleeing from Deepwood back to the Bay of Ice, Asha and her men rest in the wolfswood and wait for sunrise. During the respite Hagen's daughter goes off with Harl for an amorous encounter after having first been refused by Tristifer Botley. Sometime thereafter Harl and Hagen's daughter are interrupted by the northmen who have caught up to the ironmen. The fight by Deepwood Motte ensues.[1]


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