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Title Septa

Melicent is a septa of the Faith of the Seven in King's Landing. She might be one of the Most Devout.[1][N 1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Septas Melicent, Moelle, Aglantine, and Nysterica examine Margaery Tyrell and discover that her maidenhead is not intact, giving grounds for Margaery's arrest by the Faith on charges of infidelity.[3]

Behind the Scenes

In the appendices, she was erroneously called "Septa Helicent".[1][4] This error is corrected in latest kindle version.[5]


  1. When asked if septas can be members of the Most Devout, Ran explained, "I'm inclined to think that the lack of evidence for them, other than the AFFC appendix which seems to have been corrected in ADWD, means no."[2]