House of Yunzak

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The House of Yunzak is one of the noble families of Yunkai.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Yurkhaz zo Yunzak hires the sellsword company the Windblown during the war against Meereen, signing their contract on behalf of the city of Yunkai.[1]

Yurkhaz is named the Supreme Commander of the Armies and Allies of Yunkai,[2] and is one of the seven commanders who enter Meereen to sign the peace treaty and witness the opening of the fighting pits of Meereen.[3] He dies in the panic that ensues after Drogon's arrival in Daznak's Pit, the greatest fighting pit of Meereen.[4] The Yunkai'i try to use Yurkhaz's death to their advantage and claim that his death is a breach of the peace.[5] The second siege of Meereen is resumed, and command over the Yunkish armies is given over to a new commander every day.

House of Yunzak at the end of the third century

The known members of the House of Yunzak during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are: