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The Ice Dragon is a constellation of stars to the north in the Westerosi sky. It is likely named after the mythical Westerosi Ice Dragon.


The Ice Dragon's blue eye points north.[1][2][3] Following the Ice Dragon's tail will take you south.[4]


On the way to Standfast with his squire, Aegon Targaryen, Ser Duncan the Tall looks up to the night sky and sees, among other constellations, the Ice Dragon. There are clouds in the north so the dragon's blue eye is obscured.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When Bran asks the wildling woman Osha how to get to the Wall and beyond, she tells him to "look for the Ice Dragon", and chase the blue star in the rider's eye.[5]

A Storm of Swords

During their journey to the Wall, when Bran and his companions lost their way a few times, they needed only to wait for a clear cold night when the clouds did not intrude, and look up at the sky for the Ice Dragon. Bran remembers that the blue star in the dragon's eye points the way north, as Osha had told him once.[2]

The night before the planned attempt by the wildlings to scale the Wall, Jon Snow goes to look for Ghost. He looks at the stars and thinks that he is old friends with the Ice Dragon.[6]

Trying to get back to the Wall from Craster's Keep with Gilly and her babe, Samwell Tarly follows the Ice Dragon's tail on clear nights to ensure that they keep going south.[4]

After helping Edric Storm escape to Essos and preparing to face down Stannis Baratheon about the matter, Davos Seaworth looks out the window of the Chamber of the Painted Table in Dragonstone and sees familiar stars, including the Ice Dragon. He hopes it means good luck.[3]

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The way's easy. Look for the Ice Dragon, and chase the blue star in the rider’s eye.[5]

Osha, telling Bran the way north

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