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Lord of Whitegrove[1][2][3][4][5] is a title once held by the head of House Peake of Starpike.[6]


At an unknown time,[N 1] House Peake gained dominion over the castle of Whitegrove. The first known Peake to have held the title of "Lord of Whitegrove" was Uther Peake, who lived during the early part of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen's reign.[1]

The Peakes kept dominion over Whitegrove until the end of the second century, when the Iron Throne stripped Lord Gormon Peake of his title of "Lord of Whitegrove" for having supported the pretender, Daemon Blackfyre, in the First Blackfyre Rebellion.[6] It is unknown to which house the Iron Throne granted Whitegrove.

Known Lords of Whitegrove

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  1. As they did not have any blood connection to their new overlord of House Tyrell, the power and influence of House Peake diminished greatly after Aegon's Conquest and the extinction of House Gardener, the former Kings of the Reach. Therefore, it is more likely the Peakes already held dominion over Whitegrove prior to Aegon's Conquest.


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