Nymor Martell

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House Martell.svg Prince
Nymor Martell
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Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Born 47 BC[1]
Died 1323 AC[1]
Mother Meria Martell
Spouse Unknown
Issue Deria Martell

Nymor Martell was the ruling Prince of Dorne and head of House Martell during the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen.[2][3]


During the War of Conquest, Dorne had defied the Targaryens and their dragons, but in 4 AC, King Aegon began his campaign on Dorne, in an attempt to finalize his Conquest. This First Dornish War would last until 13 AC.[2][3]

In 13 AC, Nymor's mother, Princess Meria Martell, the Yellow Toad of Dorne, died, and Nymor inherited the rule of Dorne. Already old and failing, Nymor wanted peace, so he send a delegation, led by his daughter and heir, Princess Deria Martell, to King's Landing, to negotiate a peace with King Aegon I - a peace between two Kingdoms, two equals, not a peace between a vassal and its overlord.[2][3]

Deria indeed suggested the peace, and it is said that King Aegon was about to refuse, when she handed him a letter from Nymor. King Aegon read the letter on the Iron Throne, allegedly clenching the bladed seat so hard his hand started to bleed, burned it once finished, and flew to Dragonstone on Balerion without a word. When he returned the next morning, he agreed to the peace and signed a treaty.[2][3]

It is unknown what content was in the letter that Nymor had written, but many have speculated: some claim it was a simple plea that touched Aegon’s heart; others insist it was a list of all those lords and noble knights who had lost their lives during the war; some believe it said that Queen Rhaenys survived her fall at Hellholt, but was being kept captive in extreme torment, and the Dornish promised to end her suffering Aegon agreed to end the war; others suspect the letter stated that Nymor was willing to spend all of Dorne's gold to hire the Faceless Men of Braavos to assassinate Aegon's young son and heir, Aenys, if Aegon did not sign the peace; certain septons even suggest that the missive was ensorceled.[2][3]

The answer to those questions is unknown, but the peace that Nymor and Aegon agreed on in 13 AC would last throughout Aegon's entire reign.[2][3]




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Preceded by Prince of Dorne
Lord of Sunspear

13 AC–?
Succeeded by