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One theory about the Sailor's Wife is that her real husband was a Lannister.


The basis of this idea is that her daughter is named Lanna[1] which is the feminine form of the name Lann, from which the family name is derived.[2][3] Her daughter has golden hair, a Lannister trait.[4]

Possible Husbands

Her husband is thought to be either Tyrion or Gerion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister

She could be his first wife, Tysha. Lanna is the right age to be a daughter of their marriage. The Sailor's Wife also states that she was the same age as Lanna is now when she gave birth to her. This puts her at about the same age when she gave birth as Tysha when she was married to Tyrion.[5] The fact that she works in a whorehouse supports the statement Tywin Lannister made before he died when he said she was "wherever whores go."[6]

Counter Arguments
  • Tyrion was not a sailor.
  • How and why did she go to Braavos?
  • Tyrion is not dead as Yna predicts.[7]
  • Tysha was not a whore.

Gerion Lannister

He could be the Lannister husband because he was a sailor and is thought to be dead.[8] He has been to Braavos.

Counter Arguments
  • Lanna is fourteen, whereas Joy Hill, Gerion's bastard daughter by an unknown woman, is eleven