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  • Tall Toregg[1]
  • Toregg the Tall[2]
Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk
Father Tormund

Toregg, called Toregg the Tall[3] and Tall Toregg,[1] is the eldest son of Tormund Giantsbane.[4]

Appearance and Character

Toregg is a foot taller than his father, Tormund,[1] and he has a deep voice.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Toregg is one of the members of Tormund's war party that Jon Snow is attached to. Toregg, Dormund, and Munda join their father and Ygritte in singing "The Last of the Giants".[5] When Longspear Ryk comes to 'steal' Toregg's sister, Munda, Toregg sleeps through the fight.[6]

A Dance with Dragons

Toregg is with his father during a parley with Jon, Leathers, and Hareth, and he brings Val's horse to her.[1] Toregg is with his younger brother, Dryn, Tormund, and Jon as the wildlings pass the Wall at Castle Black.[7] Toregg stops the fighting of two wildling men in the long line, and Tormund tasks his son with hurrying their people through the Wall.[7] Toregg burns the bodies of the wildlings that died while encamped on the north side of the Wall, and he leads Tormund's rear guard of a dozen warriors.[7]

Tormund settles his people at Oakenshield, and Toregg reports to Leathers that Tormund will provide Jon with eighty fighting men. Tormund eventually brings only fifty, however.[2] Leathers thinks Toregg has taken a liking to one of Monster's milkmaids, although Jon believes Toregg prefers Val.[2] Toregg is present in the Shieldhall when Jon announces the letter purportedly from Ramsay Bolton entitled 'Bastard'.[2]


He has taken a liking to Val. Her sister was a queen, why not her? Tormund had once thought to make himself the King-Beyond-the-Wall, before Mance had bested him. Toregg the Tall might well be dreaming the same dream. Better him than Gerrick Kingsblood.[2]

—thoughts of Jon Snow