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Longspear Ryk
Longspear by henning.jpg
Longspear Ryk by Henning Ludvigsen © Fantasy Flight Games

Allegiance Mance Rayder
Culture Free folk
Spouse Munda

Ryk,[2] known as Longspear Ryk,[1] is a free folk raider and a member of Rattleshirt's war band.[3]

Appearance and Character

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Ryk is a short, homely man with a narrow head.[1] According to Tormund, Ryk is called Longspear because he is well endowed.[4]

Longspear has a friendly demeanor.[5]


Ryk is from the same village as Ygritte, who thinks of him as a brother.[5] He broke the arm of Ygritte's first lover after he tried to take her a second time; both of them deemed him a weak partner for her.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

After Jon Snow kills Qhorin Halfhand in the Skirling Pass,[6] Rattleshirt orders Longspear Ryk and Ygritte to guard Jon after he proves he is a turncloak.[1] Ryk claims Qhorin's helm, but he gives it to Ygritte because it does not fit him.[1]

After Jon is told by Mance Rayder to join Tormund's force, Ryk and Ygritte abandon Rattleshirt and join Tormund as well. Jon grows fond of Ryk as they travel.[7][5] Longspear sings "The Last of the Giants" with Ygritte, Tormund, and Tormund's family.[7]

During Jon's parley amid Mance's attack on the Wall, Tormund informs Jon that Ryk stole his daughter, Munda, after fighting off his younger sons, Dryn and Dormund.[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Tormund informs Jon that Ryk has married Munda.[8]



Quotes by Ryk

Rattleshirt: Might be you fooled these others, crow, but don't think you'll be fooling Mance. He'll take one look a' you and know you're false. And when he does, I'll make a cloak o' your wolf there, and open your soft boy's belly and sew a weasel up inside.
Ryk: And where would you find a weasel in the snow?[1]

Rattleshirt and Ryk to Jon Snow

Ygritte: So, d'you believe us now, Jon Snow? Did you see the giants on their mammoths?

Tormund: Har! The crow's in love! He means to marry one!
Ryk: A giantess?

Tormund: No, a mammoth![7]

Ygritte, Tormund, and Ryk to Jon Snow

Quotes about Ryk

She broke his lip for him and bit one ear half off, and I hear he's got so many scratches on his back he can't wear a cloak. She likes him well enough, though. And why not? He don't fight with no spear, you know. Never has. So where do you think he got that name? Har![4]

Ygritte had been fond of Longspear Ryk. He hoped he found some joy with Tormund's Munda. Someone needed to find some joy somewhere.[4]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Munda. Took that Longspear Ryk to husband, if you believe it. Boy's got more cock than sense, you ask me, but he treats her well enough. I told him if he ever hurt her, I'd yank his member off and beat him bloody with it.[8]