Vorian Dayne

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Vorian Dayne
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Vorian Dayne, as depicted in Game of Thrones History and Lore.
Biographical Information
Alias Sword of the Evening[1]
Titles Ser
Lord of Starfall
King of the Torrentine
Culture Dornishmen
Royal House House Dayne
Successor None
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Vorian Dayne, called the Sword of the Evening, was the last King of the Torrentine from House Dayne in Dorne.[1]


Vorian was renowned as the greatest knight in all of Dorne.[1]


After Princess Nymeria and Prince Mors Martell declared supremacy over Dorne, they faced the Kings of the Torrentine in war.[2] Vorian was ultimately defeated in Nymeria's War and was one of the six kings sent to the Wall in golden fetters by Nymeria. The Daynes were subsequently reduced from Kings of the Torrentine to powerful lord bannermen to House Martell, and Ser Davos Dayne later wed Princess Nymeria.[1]


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