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Title Captain of the guards
Allegiance House Lannister
Culture Westermen

Vylarr is captain of the House Lannister guards in King's Landing.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Vylarr is the captain of the Lannister household guard in King's Landing, which now numbers one hundred men.[2] When Tyrion Lannister arrives in the capital as the acting Hand of the King, he orders Vylarr to have the heads of Lord Eddard Stark's retinue removed from spikes at the Red Keep and instead given over to the silent sisters.[3] Vylarr commands the guard that accompanies Tyrion back to the Broken Anvil through the streets of King's Landing.[3]

Queen Cersei Lannister is escorted by Vylarr and twenty red cloaks when she tours the gates of the city.[4] Cersei later orders Vylarr and his men to imprison begging brothers in the dungeon.[5]

When Tyrion informs Ser Cleos Frey of his terms for peace, he commands Vylarr to escort Cleos back to Riverrun, taking all of the Lannister guardsmen with him and thereby depriving Cersei of her own red cloaks.[5] The thirty guards[6] sent by Robb Stark to escort Cleos to the capital also return to Riverrun in Vylarr's company as well.[5]

Unbeknownst to Vylarr, Tyrion has included a thief, a poisoner, a mummer, and a murderer in the party in a plot to free Jaime Lannister from captivity at Riverrun.[5] After their arrival, the conspirators temporarily free Ser Jaime, but the Kingslayer is soon subdued. Some of the Lannister guardsmen rush to aid him but are also subdued. Ser Edmure Tully hangs the four conspirators and any red cloaks who attempted to aid them, while those who did not are instead imprisoned.[7]

A Storm of Swords

Vylarr is described as the captain-of-guards and a member of the household of Lord Tywin Lannister.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Vylarr is described as the captain-of-guards and a member of the household at Casterly Rock.[9] It is unknown if Vylarr was actually freed, before or after the siege of Riverrun.

Quotes by Vylarr

Vylarr: How many men should I take?
Tyrion: Why, all of them.
Pycelle: My lord Hand, that cannot ... your father, Lord Tywin himself, he sent these good men to our city to protect Queen Cersei and her children ...
Tyrion: The Kingsguard and the City Watch protect them well enough. The gods speed you on your way, Vylarr.[5]

—Vylarr, Tyrion Lannister, and Pycelle

Quotes about Vylarr

Vylarr's loyalty is to Casterly Rock.[2]


Preceded by Captain of the guards
298/299 AC–present
Served under: Cersei Lannister
Succeeded by