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Featured quotes

  • "If...if certain things should come to pass, I will send word to each of you. Things can change quickly in the game of thrones." — Doran Martell [1]
  • “I shall wear this as a badge of honor.” —Queen Cersei
    “Wear it in silence or I’ll honor you again.” —King Robert[2]
  • “Are you certain you are not off to some other bed, some other woman? Tell me who she is. I will fight her for you, bare-breasted, knife to knife. Unless she is a Sand Snake. If so, we can share you. I love my cousins well.” —Arianne Martell
    “You know I have no other woman. Only... duty.” —Arys Oakheart
    “That poxy bitch? I know her. Dry as dust between the legs, and her kisses leave you bleeding.” —Arianne Martell[3]
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