Alester Sarwyck

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Alester Sarwyck
House Sarwyck.png
House Sarwyck.png

Allegiance House Sarwyck
Culture westermen
Book(s) Game of Thrones (appears)

Alester Sarwyck is a member of House Sarwyck and a red priest. He has only appeared in the video game Game of Thrones, in which he and Mors Westford are playable characters.[1]


Alester is the elder son of Lord Raynald Sarwyck from Riverspring in the westerlands. For an unknown reason, Alester left Riverspring and went to Essos after Robert's Rebellion. He became a follower of R'hllor and a red priest. He returns to Riverspring from exile when he hears of his father dying. There he finds a devastated land where people tell of a peasant revolt. His sister, Elyana, tries to manage the lands of House Sarwyck. Alester's brother, Gawen, is missing and is accused of poisoning Raynald. Alester's bastard half-brother, Valarr Hill, desires to inherit Riverspring.


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