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Alys Turnberry
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Saera targaryen's sweet little fool by viscardiac.png
Alys Turnberry, by viscardiac

Alias Sweetberry[1]
Title Lady of Pebble[1]
Culture Westermen
Born 67 AC[2]
Spouse Lord Dunstan Pryor[1]
Issue Bastard daughter[1]

Alys Turnberry, called Sweetberry, was a lady companion to Princess Saera Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Queen Alysanne Targaryen considered Alys to be a pretty, vapid, empty-headed little fool, from what she had seen of her. Grand Maester Elysar called her a trull.[1]


Alys was a maiden of an age with Princess Saera Targaryen, attending the royal court at the Red Keep in King's Landing. In 82 AC, Alys became a favorite and dearest friend of the princess, along with Perianne Moore. Saera named Alys "Sweetberry".[1]

Saera and her five favorites — Alys, Perianne, Jonah Mooton, Lord Roy Connington, and Ser Braxton Beesbury, called Stinger — became inseparable at every feast and ball. They hunted and hawked together, and once sailed across Blackwater Bay to Dragonstone together. When the young lords rode at rings or crossed swords in the yards, the three girls cheered them on. King Jaehaerys I Targaryen was pleased at his daughter's popularity and friendship, but Queen Alysanne Targaryen was concerned about the character of Alys, Perianne, and the three boys. Nevertheless, King Jaehaerys felt they could not get up to trouble, with all the servants attending them watching.[1]

In 84 AC, an incident occurred between Saera's male favorites and Tom Turnip, King Jaehaerys's fool, at the Blue Pearl, a brothel in King's Landing, something Jonah claimed had been the princess's idea. Alys and Perianne were woken in the middle of the night and questioned by Queen Alysanne, telling them to tell the truth or they would join their male friends in the dungeons. Before long, the girls were weeping and pleading for forgiveness, although their confessions said almost nothing about the incident they were being questioned about. Alys revealed that while playing kissing games among themselves, Saera, Perianne, and Alys had started kissing each other with their clothes off, taking turns pretending they were boys. Then, Saera dared Alys to kiss a real boy, and she dared Perianne, and both dared Saera, who said she would kiss a man grown, a knight. This began the ladies' affairs with Red Roy, Jonah, and Stinger.[1]

Queen Alysanne then demanded to know where their septas and servants had been during all of this, and Perianne explained they had sent them out of the room, and Stinger had threatened to have their tongues out if they talked. This caused Alys to break down, sobbing and tearing at her dressing gown. She apologized to the queen, and claimed that Saera and Stinger had pressured her into sexual behavior. She revealed she was with child, and she did not know who the father was. Alysanne sent both girls to bed, and told them that the next morning they would make a confession to a septa and be forgiven by the Mother. Alys knew that her own mother would not forgive her, however.[1]

A hasty marriage was arranged for Alys, but Roy Connington refused her hand, claiming that she was pregnant with Stinger's child, whom he would not make heir to Griffin's Roost and raise as his own. Alys was sent to the Motherhouse of Maris in Gulltown, where she gave birth to a girl with bright red hair like Lord Roy. Afterwards, she was wed to Lord Dunstan Pryor of Pebble.[1]


Alysanne: All you can do tonight is go to bed. On the morrow we shall send a septa to you, and you can make confession of your sins. The Mother will forgive you.
Alys: My mother won't.[1]

—Queen Alysanne Targaryen and Alys Turnberry

My Sweetberry? Truly? She… oh, what has she done? Oh, my sweet little fool.[1]


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