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Perianne Moore
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Saera targaryen's Pretty Peri by viscardiac.png
Perianne Moore, by viscardiac

Alias Pretty Peri[1]
Title Lady of Maidenpool[1]
Culture Valemen
Born 67 AC[2]
Spouse Lord Jonah Mooton[1]

Perianne Moore was a member of House Moore during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and a lady companion to Jaehaerys's daughter, Princess Saera Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Queen Alysanne Targaryen considered Lady Perianne to be a pretty, vapid, empty-headed little fool from what she had seen of her. Grand Maester Elysar called her a trull.[1]


A maid of an age with Princess Saera, Perianne and Alys Turnberry became the favorites and dearest friends of the princess in 82 AC. Saera named Perianne Pretty Peri.[1]

Perianne, Saera, Alys, Jonah Mooton, Red Roy Connington and Braxton Beesbury, the Stinger, became inseparable at every feast and ball, hunted and hawked together, and once sailed across Blackwater Bay to Dragonstone.[1]

In 84 AC, Perianne was questioned by the queen about an incident between Saera, her male favorites, and the king's fool, Tom Turnip at a brothel, the Blue Pearl. Before long, she was weeping and pleading for forgiveness, although her confessions said almost nothing about the incident she was being questioned for. She revealed that while playing kissing games, among themselves, Saera, Alys, and Perianne had starting kissing each other with their clothes off. When the queen asked where their servants and grooms were, Perianne grew confused, and said that Saera dismissed them, as servants always did what they were told. Alys was revealed to be pregnant outside of wedlock.[1]

A hasty marriage was arranged for Perianne. She married Saera's companion, Jonah Mooton, the heir to Maidenpool. The marriage was a success, and they later ruled together as Lord and Lady of Maidenpool. King Jaehaerys later asked Lord Jonah and Lady Perianne to keep watch for Saera after she fled from her punishment in Oldtown.[1]


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