Fighting on the Khyzai Pass

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Fighting on the Khyzai Pass
Conflict Targaryen campaign in Slaver's Bay
Date 300 AC
Place Khyzai Pass
House Targaryen.svg Kingdom of Meereen/House Targaryen: YunkaiHarpie.png Yunkai:
Stormcrows Long Lances
nine a few killed
a dozen defectors

Fighting on the Khyzai Pass occurs during the Targaryen campaign in Slaver's Bay.


Daenerys Targaryen forces the Wise Masters of Yunkai to surrender their slaves, but after she leaves for Meereen the Wise Masters resume slaving and begin raising new forces against her.[1] The Yunkai'i send the Long Lances, a sellsword company, to hold the Khyzai Pass between Meereen and Lhazar.[2]

Daenerys, the new Queen of Meereen, sends Daario Naharis and his sellsword Stormcrows to negotiate with the Lhazareen to ensure land trade through Khyzai Pass.[1]


Daario's Stormcrows attack the Long Lances in the night, killing a few of Yunkai's sellswords. The Stormcrows lose nine men, but Daario convinces twelve of the Long Lances to join Daenerys's cause. Daario kills one Long Lance who says that Meereen will suffer the same fate as starving Astapor.[2]


The Lamb Men of Lhazar agree to trade with Meereen, but the Skahazadhan is closed by the Yunkai'i.[2] During the second siege of Meereen, two lockstep legions from New Ghis close the road from Meereen to the Khyzai Pass.[3]