Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

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Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms
Developer(s) Bigpoint Games
Platform(s) browser-based
Release date(s) TBD
Language English
Genre(s) MMORPG

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is a planned browser-based, massively-multiplayer role-playing, free-to-play, computer game. It is based on the Game of Thrones television series and is developed by Bigpoint Games. The game has no connection with the single player Game of Thrones or the social media Game of Thrones: Ascent. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms was originally planned for release in 2013.[1]

Technical Info

The game is a browser-based game, using the Unity graphics system.[2]


Based on the television series, Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms takes place shortly after the end of season 1 as the war for the Iron Throne begins. Players can align with three initial factions: House Stark, House Lannister, and House Baratheon. The player can also avoid picking a faction for awhile, but there are benefits to having one. Players and guilds, which represent minor houses, can align with a different faction for benefit, which is touted as one of the means of playing out the political aspects of the game.[2]

The game is a sandbox-style game focused on player vs. player (PvP) action and warfare. Players can take part in ranked 5 on 5 duels, or battle for control of castles and fortresses in the massive, open-world sandbox. From what Games Radar reports, the combat is action-based, with players able to earn cards that allow them to summon non-player characters like Jaime Lannister to help in a fight. Games Radar found these mechanics clunky, but Bigpoint noted this was still quite early in the process.[2]

The game is skill-based rather than class-based, but players can specialize characters with melee, ranged, or commander skills, which provide positive modifiers to allies and negative modifiers to enemies.[2]


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