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House Royce.svg Lord
Gunthor Royce
the Bronze Giant
House Royce.svg
Alias The Bronze Giant[1]
Title Lord of Runestone
Allegiance House Royce
Culture Valemen

Gunthor Royce, called the Bronze Giant, was the Lord of Runestone and the head of House Royce during the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

By 134 AC, Gunthor had become an old man. Despite his age, he was stubborn as he was fearless.[1]

In battle, Gunthor donned the ancient bronze armor of his forebears, worn by the Lords of Runestone.[1][2]


After her death in 115 AC,[3] the Lady of Runestone, Rhea Royce, was succeeded by her nephew.[4] It is unknown when and how Gunthor came to his lordship.

During the dispute over succession after Lady Jeyne Arryn's death, the claimant to the Eyrie, Ser Arnold Arryn, eluded Ser Corwyn Corbray, who claimed that Lady Jeyne's testament must be upheld and that her more distant cousin Ser Joffrey Arryn should become Lord of the Eyrie. Ser Arnold was given sanctuary at Runestone by Lord Gunthor, having served as a squire there in his youth.[1]

When Ser Corwyn tried to winkle him out, Lord Gunthor rode out to confront him in his ancient bronze armor. Words grew heated, then turned to curses, then threats, and Ser Corwyn drew Lady Forlorn, though whether as a threat or to strike at Lord Royce is unknown. A crossbowman on Runestone's battlements loosed a quarrel, and pierced Ser Corwyn through the breast. Striking down one of the king's regents was an act of treason, and war began anew across the Vale of Arryn. House Royce, joined by their vassals, the Coldwaters and the Tolletts, supported Ser Arnold's claim.[1]

By the time the new regents were to be chosen by lot in 136 AC, Lord Alyn Velaryon and Lord Benjicot Blackwood had at last forced the Bronze Giant and the supporters of Isembard Arryn and Arnold Arryn to do homage to Lord Joffrey as their liege. Gunthor made his way to King's Landing for the lottery to select new regents with Lord Joffrey Arryn, Lord Quenton Corbray, and Isembard Arryn.[1]


Lord Royce


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Last known title holder:
Rhea Royce
Lord of Runestone Unknown
Next known title holder:
Yohn Royce