Halleck Hoare

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Halleck Hoare

Biographical Information
Full Name Halleck Hoare
Other Titles King of the Isles and the Rivers
Died in around ~ 42 BC[1]
Royal House House Hoare
Predecessor Harwyn Hoare
Heir Harren Hoare
Successor Harren Hoare
Issue Harren Hoare
Lord Commander Hoare
Father Harwyn Hoare
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Halleck Hoare was the second King of the Isles and the Rivers from House Hoare.


Halleck succeeded his father, King Harwyn Hardhand, who had conquered the riverlands from Arrec Durrandon. As king, Halleck visited the Iron Islands only three times for a total of two years. The remainder of his time was spent on mainland Westeros warring against the neighbors of the riverlands. Halleck was not as successful as his father, as he was defeated in wars against the Kingdom of the Rock and the Kingdom of the Storm. Halleck also failed three times in attacks on the Bloody Gate, the bulwark of the Kings of Mountain and Vale.[2] Halleck did succeed in extending control east to Duskendale and Rosby, however.[3]

When not at war Halleck ruled from a modest tower house in Fairmarket. His son and successor, King Harren the Black, built Harrenhal as a grander seat. Another son of Halleck was Lord Commander Hoare of the Night's Watch.[4]


Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unknown wife

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