Jennelyn Fowler

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House Fowler.svg
Jeyne Fowler
House Fowler.svg
Allegiance House Fowler
Culture Dornishmen
Father Franklyn Fowler
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Jennelyn Fowler is a daughter of Lord Franklyn Fowler, and a twin to Jeyne. Jennelyn is the youngest of the two.[1]


Jennelyn is a tall girl with wispy yellow hair.[2]


In her youth, Princess Arianne Martell played in the pools of the Water Gardens with Jeyne and Jennelyn.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Nymeria Sand was abed with Jennelyn and her sister Jeyne when news of Prince Oberyn Martell's death reached them.[3] Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, feels Nymeria is too close to the Fowler twins.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

Jennelyn and her sister are present at the feast at Sunspear when Ser Balon Swann of the Kingsguard arrives to deliver the Mountain's skull. The Fowler twins refuse to drink when Ricasso raises a toast to King Tommen I Baratheon.[4]


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