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Laswell Peake
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Culture Reach
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Laswell Peake is an exiled lord and sellsword in service to the Golden Company.[1] His brothers Pykewood and Torman Peake serve in the company with him.


Laswell wears his worldly wealth upon his person and a lord’s ransom in golden arm rings. Each ring signifies one year's service with the Golden Company.[2]


Laswell has an unspecified familiar relationship to the main branch of House Peake of Starpike.[1]

In the appendix of A Dance with Dragons, Laswell is described as an "exile lord". Given that the Peakes were stripped of two of their three castles (Dunstonbury and Whitegrove) by the Iron Throne for their support to the pretender Daemon Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion,[3] it is possible Laswell's ancestor was the lord of one of these castles who chose to follow Bittersteel in exile at the end of the war.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Laswell is present during Jon Connington's rendezvous with the Golden Company three miles south of Volon Therys. He, like the rest of the company, swears his allegiance to Aegon Targaryen before they invade Westeros.[2]

While a quarter of the company's available strength is taking Griffin's Roost, Ser Tristan Rivers sets off simultaneously for the seat of House Morrigen at Crow's Nest, and Laswell for Rain House, the stronghold of House Wylde, each with a formidable force of comparable size. If Rivers and Peake are successful, Harry Strickland argues that the Golden Company will control the better part of Cape Wrath.[4]

Laswell successfully takes Rain House.[5]


Even after a century, some of us still have friends in the Reach. The power of Highgarden may not be what Mace Tyrell imagines.[2]

—Laswell to Harry Strickland