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Title Master-at-Arms
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Wildling
Born In 259 AC or before[1]
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (Appears)

Leathers is a wildling turned crow. He is from the haunted forest. He is well past forty, and has sons and grandsons.[2]

Recent Developments

A Dance with Dragons

Leathers is one of the sixty-three wildlings that Jon Snow takes to Castle Black from Mole's Town. He and Jax are the first two wildlings of the sixty-three to join the Night's Watch. They swore their vows with four other recruits (Horse, Satin, Arron, and Emrick) at the grove of weirwoods north of Castle Black, inside the haunted forest. They were escorted by Lord Commander Jon Snow, along with ten rangers. Scouting ahead, Tom Barleycorn finds nine wildlings in the weirwood grove, including the giant Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun. Leathers helps Jon Snow calm them by talking to the giant in the Old Tongue. Jon, Iron Emmett, and Bowen Marsh weighed each recruit and assigned them to an order. Leathers was assigned to the rangers.[3]

Jon Snow later appointed Leathers master-at-arms at Castle Black, over the objection of Bowen Marsh. Leathers serves as a translator for Wun Wun and Jon Snow. He has been teaching Jon some of the Old Tongue so Jon can talk to the giants.

The recruits of the Night's Watch are terrified of their new master-at-arms, but Jon thinks that is a good thing as they will need to familiarize themselves with that emotion and overcome it when the Others come.

Leathers is currently teaching the giant, Wun Wun the common tongue.[4]

References and Notes

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