Lorcas the Learned

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Star of the Faith.svgLorcas
the Learned
Poor Fellows.svg
Alias Lorcas the Learned[1]
Allegiance Poor Fellows
Culture Westerosi
Died 48 AC[1]
outside Oldtown[1]

Lorcas the Learned was a member of the Poor Fellows during the Faith Militant uprising.

Appearance and Character

Lorcas boasted of having committed The Seven-Pointed Star to memory.[1] Like Septon Moon, Lorcas was a big man.[2]


Following the death of Septon Moon, Lorcas became one of his would-be successors. He conflicted with Rob the Starvling over the possession of Septon Moon's corpse. Lorcas claimed to have had a vision that Moon would deliver Oldtown to his followers, even after his death. Lorcas seized Moon's body from Rob the Starvling, and strapped it atop a destrier (still naked, bloody, and rotting), to storm the gates of the city. Fewer than a hundred men joined the attack, and most were shot before they even got close to Oldtown's walls. Lorcas was among the few who did reach the walls, and died after being doused with boiling oil or set on fire with burning pitch.[1]


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