Lorcas the Learned

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Alias Lorcas the Learned[1]
Allegiance Poor Fellows
Culture Westerosi
Died In 48 AC[1], outside Oldtown[1]

Lorcas the Learned was a member of the Poor Fellows during the Faith Militant uprising.

Appearance and Character

Lorcas boasted of having committed The Seven-Pointed Star to memory.[1] Like Septon Moon, Lorcas was a big man.[2]


Following the death of Septon Moon, Lorcas became one of his would-be successors, coming into conflict with Rob the Starvling over the body of their late leader. Lorcas claimed to have had a vision that Moon would deliver Oldtown to his followers and after seizing the body from Rob the Starvling, he strapped it atop a destrier, still naked, bloody and rotting, to storm the gates of the city. Lorcas died in the attack alongside most of the less than a hundred men that joined the attack.[1]


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