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Born 36 AC[1]
Died or after 80 AC
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Lyra was a novice, and later septa of the Faith of the Seven, who was a beloved religious tutor of Queen Alysanne Targaryen.[1]


Lyra was born in 36 AC from a noble family.[1]


In 50 AC, Lyra was one of three women sent to Queen Alysanne Targaryen on Dragonstone by Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon, to see to Queen Alysanne's religious instruction. Her companions were Septa Ysabel, the novice Edyth, and the famously pious Lady Lucinda Tully. Queen Regent Alyssa hoped that the four women could make Alysanne, and perhaps even King Jaehaerys I, understand that the Faith considered their incestuous marriage an abomination. Alyssa hoped her children would repent their marriage as a result, before it would tear the realm apart again. However, Lyra and the other women were moved by Alysanne's devotion to her husband and her kindness, and became her loyal servants instead.[1]

By 51 AC, Lyra had sworn her vows to become a septa. She attended Queen Alysanne at Maidenpool along with Septa Edyth, and defended the pregnant queen when she was attacked by women while attending Jonquil's Pool. In 55 AC, when Alysanne was pregnant again, Septa Lyra accompanied her to Dragonstone, where the queen eventually gave birth to Prince Aemon Targaryen.[2][3]

Lyra comforted Alysanne after she lost her three month old baby, Gaemon in 73 AC, telling Alysanne that Gaemon was with the Mother Above. Following the birth of the sickly and frail Princess Gael Targaryen in 80 AC, Lyra assisted Grand Maester Elysar in nursing the child during the first year of her life, watching over the babe night and day.[4]


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