Roger Corne

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Roger Corne

Title Ser
Allegiance The greens
Died In 130 AC, at Tumbleton
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen

Ser Roger Corne was a knight during the reign of Viserys I Targaryen.[1]


During the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons he was loyal to King Aegon II Targaryen and the greens.[1]

In the Treasons of Tumbleton, Ulf White and Hugh Hammer switched from the blacks to the greens and had the dragons Silverwing and Vermithor burn the town of Tumbleton. While the greens' commanders regrouped in Tumbleton and planned how to attack the black-held King's Landing, the two baseborn dragonriders proved difficult to deal with. Ulf desired Highgarden, while Hugh Hammer had designs on claiming the Iron Throne. Hugh wore a black iron crown, enraging Prince Daeron Targaryen. Ser Roger Corne angered Hugh by knocking off his crown, which led to Hugh nailing three horseshoes to Roger's skull. Corne's supporters tried to intervene, resulting in three dead and twelve wounded.

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