Rolley of Sisterton

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Night's Watch.svgRolley
of Sisterton
Night's Watch.svg
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Sistermen
Born Sisterton
Died 299 AC
Craster's Keep
Book A Storm of Swords (appears)

Rolley of Sisterton[1] is a steward of the Night's Watch. His cousin is Lark the Sisterman.[2]


Rolley comes from Sisterton on Sweetsister, the main port of the Three Sisters.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Rolley is part of the great ranging, the Night's Watch force that leaves Castle Black and the Shadow Tower in search of Benjen Stark and Mance Rayder.

Lark and his cousins, such as Rolley,[2] conspire with Chett against Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, but the conspiracy is halted when wights attack the Night's Watch.[3] Rolley is among the survivors of the fight at the Fist who make it back to Craster's Keep. He is among the men who mutiny at Craster's, but breaks his neck when he falls out of the loft while trying to get at Craster's wives.[1]