Urrigon Greyjoy

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Urrigon Greyjoy
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Alias Urri
Allegiance House Greyjoy
Culture Ironborn
Born In or between 268 AC and 270 AC[1]
Died In 283 AC or 284 AC[1], at Pyke
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
The Winds of Winter (mentioned)

Urrigon Greyjoy, also known as Urri, was the fourth son of Lord Quellon Greyjoy and Lady Sunderly. He died in his childhood from an infection.[2]


Urrigon and his brother Aeron were great friends and did those things that brothers and friends do, like play at the finger dance. Aeron threw an axe that shaved off part of Urrigon's hand. Lord Quellon had remarried a lady of House Piper. She had brought a maester with her who insisted on sewing back the fingers that Urrigon had lost, instead of treating the amputation by burning it with fire and sea water. An infection set in and by the time they took off Urrigon's arm it was too late. Urrigon died from the infection at the age of fourteen. Lord Quellon died at sea and Balon Greyjoy returned to Pyke as the new Lord of the Iron Islands. He took off the maester's fingers and had Lady Piper sew them back on. The maester died raving.[2]

The Winds of Winter

When Aeron Greyjoy is captive and chained in the hold of the Silence, his brother Euron forces him to drink Shade of the Evening and he has numerous nightmarish visions, one featuring Urri with his arm infested with carrion. Aeron recalls how Euron used to sexually abuse him and Urri when they were children. [3]


Lady of House Stonetree
Lady of House Piper
Lady of House Sunderly
Alannys Harlaw
Euron "Crow's Eye"
Aeron "Damphair"

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