Basilisk Point

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Basilisk Point is located in Sothoryos
Basilisk Point
Northern Sothoryos and the location of Basilisk Point

Basilisk Point is a peninsula on the northern coast of the continent of Sothoryos. The Isle of Tears lies to the east of the point, while Naath lies to the west. To the north are the Basilisk Isles.[1] There are large numbers of basilisks in the vicinity.[2]


The Valyrian Freehold tried to settle colonies at Basilisk Point, but they failed due to Brindled Men, plague, and abandonment during the Fourth Ghiscari War.[2]

During the travels of Nymeria's ten thousand ships, some of her Rhoynar settled on Basilisk Point. Two towns were raided by slavers, however, and the Rhoynar eventually abandoned Sothoryos.[3]


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