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Sothoryi, also known as the Brindled Men, are the native inhabitants of the continent of Sothoryos.

Appearance and biology

Maester Yandel describes the Sothoryi as massively muscled, big-boned creatures — not men — with long arms, sloped foreheads, huge square teeth, heavy jaws, coarse black hair, flat noses that suggest snouts, and thick skins brindled in patterns of brown and white, making them seem more hog-like than human.[1]

Sothoryi women cannot breed with any save their own males; when mated with men from Essos or Westeros, they bring forth only stillbirths, many of which are hideously deformed.[1]


The Sothoryi that dwell closest to the sea have learned the Trade Talk. The Ghiscari considered them too slow of wit to make good slaves, but they remain fierce fighters nonetheless.[1]

Farther south the Brindled Men become ever more savage and barbaric. They worship dark gods and perform obscene rites. Many are cannibals and some are ghouls, devouring their own dead when they cannot feast on the flesh of foes or strangers.[1]


There are reports of other races and forgotten peoples in Sothoryos that were driven out, destroyed, or devoured by the Brindled Men. There are also tales of lizard men and eyeless cave-dwellers.[1]

The Brindled Men destroyed the first colony of the Valyrian Freehold in Basilisk Point. Similarly, during the Rhoynar attempt to settle in Yeen, they faced frequent attacks from "brindled ghouls" of the jungle deeps.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Daznak's Pit in Meereen is reopened, Sothoryi are among those who are set to fight.[3]

The Winds of Winter

The Brindled Butcher is among the Meereenese pit fighters who participate in Barristan Selmy's attack on the Yunkish army besieging Meereen.[4]