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This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.
Barristan I
The Winds of Winter chapter
POV Barristan Selmy
Place Meereen
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The Queen's Hand
A Dance with Dragons
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Barristan Selmy oversees the last preparations before the troops of Meereen attack the armies of Yunkai.[1]


The Yunkish troops are shooting dead men into Meereen with six trebuchets, but despite their size, the trebuchets fail to get the corpses far into the city. Barristan rides through the western market square, remembering the time Daenerys took Meereen. The market has again become a scene of carnage, this time from the pale mare.

He rides Daenerys's silver, hoping that the horse's presence will inspire the warriors of Meereen to be brave, since Daenerys is gone. In addition, Barristan knows the horse has grown used to the presence of her dragons, who are now loose in the city. Tumco Lho, Larraq the Lash, and the Red Lamb ride with Selmy, carrying the banners of the Kingsguard and House Targaryen and a warhorn to sound the commands. The Stormcrows and five thousand Unsullied have gathered as well. Even the last few Dothraki who remain in Meereen have come to fight, and Barristan is surprised to see many pit fighters have gathered at the market square as well. They have always loved Hizdahr zo Loraq more than Daenerys, yet it seems that freedom means something to them after all.

The Brazen Beasts man the city walls to free up as many Unsullied as possible. Barristan reflects that if they lose the battle, it will be Skahaz mo Kandaq and his men who will have to hold Meereen against Yunkai until Daenerys's return. At every gate a force has gathered, the Stalwart Shields at the eastern gate, the Mother's Men at the south gate, and the Free Brothers and Symon Stripeback at the north gate. Barristan is certain that the Yunkai'i have more men than they do, and he feels that this attack he is planning goes against his instincts. Barristan's plans hinge upon the greed of the Tattered Prince.

Barristan gives a speech to the men assembled at the eastern market square. He repeats their plans for all to hear, and reflects that if he falls, Jokin will have the command, and Grey Worm after him. The realization that some of the men fear the pale mare more than they fear the enemy makes Barristan speak once more to his squires, about how every warrior is afraid before battle. He admits they are too few to win the battle, and their goal is to create chaos so the Unsullied will have enough time to form a spear wall. He is interrupted when the harpy on top of Meereen's Great Pyramid takes fire, their signal. The portcullis goes up, and Barristan dons his helm, ready for the battle.

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