Company of the Cat

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Company of the Cat
Company of the Cat.jpg
Art by David Nash. © Fantasy Flight Games
Captain Bloodbeard
Size 3,000[1]

The Company of the Cat, also called the Cats,[2] are a company of three thousand sellswords found in the Free Cities. They are led by a captain known as Bloodbeard.[1]


There is enmity between the Company of the Cat and the Windblown, since they fought on opposite sides in the Disputed Lands in the recent past. Bloodbeard refers to the Windblown as "old grey-beards in rags"[2] and he despises their leader, the Tattered Prince.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Company of the Cat is under contract from Yunkai and are present at the sieges of Astapor and Meereen.[2] Bloodbeard is disappointed when peace is declared after Daenerys Targaryen marries Hizdahr zo Loraq, as he was looking forward to sacking Meereen.[4]

Notable Members



  • as yet unknown.