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Camarron of the Count TheMico.jpg

Alias Camarron of the Count
Allegiance House of Loraq
Culture Ghiscari
Died At Meereen
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)
The Winds of Winter (appears)

Camarron,[1] also known as Camarron of the Count,[2][3] is a celebrated Meereenese pit-fighter.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The seventh time Hizdahr zo Loraq petitions Queen Daenerys Targaryen to have the fighting pits of Meereen reopened, he brings seven pit fighters with him, including Camarron.[2]

Following the disappearance of Daenerys upon Drogon and the arrest of Hizdahr, Barristan insists on including Camarron in the ruling council of Meereen along with Belaquo Bonebreaker, Goghor the Giant, and the Spotted Cat, despite the objections of Skahaz mo Kandaq.[3] When discussing how best to deal with the forces from Yunkai, Camarron suggests seizing the ships tied up along the riverfront and bring three hundred pit fighters around the Yunkish rear using the Skahazadhan.[3]

The Winds of Winter

Shorly before the start of the Battle of Slaver's Bay, Camarron is among the several hundred pit fighters who have gathered for the battle near the Spire of Skulls. Camarron, together with Goghor and the Spotted Cat, is to lead the pit fighters in the battle. Camarron and his pit fighters are to follow the Stormcrows into battle and follow the horsemen into the breach of the Yunkish lines in order to slaughter as much as they can.[1]