Jocasta Lannister

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Jocasta Tarbeck
House Lannister.svg
Alias Jocasta Lannister
Title Lady of Casterly Rock
Allegiance House Tarbeck
House Lannister
Culture Westermen
Spouse Lord Lyman Lannister
Book(s) The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Jocasta Lannister, born Jocasta Tarbeck, was the wife of Lord Lyman Lannister of Casterly Rock during the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen. She was born into House Tarbeck.[1]


Jocasta's husband, Lord Lyman Lannister, protected Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena Targaryen during the early years of the reign of King Maegor I Targaryen, extending them guest right. During their stay at Casterly Rock, Jocasta first discerned that Rhaena was pregnant.[2]