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Milk brother or milk brothers usually refers to two people of different parentage, who as infants were nursed at the same time by the same woman.[1] That woman is likely a wet nurse, though she may be the mother of one of the infants.


King Viserys I Targaryen ordered his son Daeron and his grandson Jacaerys Velaryon to be nursed by the same wet nurse, because he hoped to prevent enmity between them by raising them as milk brothers. Unfortunately, the plan was unsuccessful.[2]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

In the riverlands, Edric Dayne tells Arya Stark that her half-brother Jon Snow is his milk brother.[N 1] Edric explains that his mother did not have enough milk for him when he was born, so he had to be nursed by Wylla, a wet nurse at Starfall. When Arya asks who Wylla is, Edric replies that she is Jon's mother.[3]

Gilly arrives at Castle Black with her infant son, and becomes a wet nurse for Mance Rayder's newborn son because his mother Dalla has died in childbirth.[4]

A Feast for Crows

At Castle Black, Jon Snow explains to Samwell Tarly that he is sending Gilly and her son away from the Wall, and that they will need to find another wet nurse for his milk brother.[5]

In Dorne, Arianne Martell travels with a few trusted companions, including her milk brother Garin.[6]

Known milk brothers


  1. Edric was stretching the term a little, as Jon is four years older than him, and had long been parted from Wylla's breasts by the time Edric came along.[1]