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A wet nurse is a woman who breastfeeds children that are not her own. This may be due to the death of the mother in childbirth, or because the mother may not have enough milk, or for cultural reasons. According to Grand Maester Gyldayn, most noblewomen do not nurse their own children,[1] but there are dozens of examples otherwise, among both nobles[N 1] and royalty.[N 2]

Children of different parents who breastfeed from a wet nurse at the same time are called milk brothers.[4][15] A wet nurse may come to love the children she nurses.[16] Wet nurses are known for telling fanciful tales to their charges.[17][18][19][20][21]


In 7 AC, Prince Aenys Targaryen was born to King Aegon I and Queen Rhaenys. Aenys was weak and sickly at birth, and cried all the time. He rejected wet nurses, and would only nurse at his mother's breast.[10]

In 47 AC, King Maegor I Targaryen married his Black Brides, three women of proven fertility whose husbands he had killed. Elinor Costayne's sons were sent away from her after her wedding to Maegor; her eldest was fostered at the Eyrie, her second son went to Highgarden, and her youngest was given to a wet nurse, as Maegor was annoyed by Elinor nursing him.[10]

According to Grand Maester Gyldayn, Queen Alyssa Velaryon did not breastfeed any of her children, who were thus all fed by wet nurses.[1]

It was said that Queen Alysanne Targaryen had learned to read before she was weaned, and the court fool would make jokes that she had spilled milk on Valyrian scrolls while drinking from her wet nurse.[22]

Queen Alysanne and King Jaehaerys I Targaryen's daughter, Princess Daenerys was talking and running before the age of one and a half, and her wet nurse described her as being in a great hurry.[23] When the six-year-old princess was stricken with the Shivers in 60 AC, a wet nurse was summoned even though Daenerys had long been weaned, because some believed mother's milk could curse the disease.[12]

Prince Baelon's wet nurses complained that the baby sucked harder than any other they had encountered.[24] Princess Saera was a difficult child, and refused to be weaned until past the age of four. She wanted her mother's milk, and would scream and throw fits when Queen Alysanne had to dismiss another wet nurse. Prince Valerion was a small and sickly baby who never thrived, despite the attempts of half a dozen wet nurses.[12]

In 77 AC, Prince Baelon and his wife Princess Alyssa Targaryen welcomed their first son, Viserys. He was described as a plump and pleasant baby, who drank his wet nurse dry.[12]

In 82 AC, Princess Daella Targaryen gave birth to her daughter, Aemma Arryn, and though she wished to nurse her child, childbed fever had dried up her milk, and a wet nurse had to be sent for.[12]

In 114 AC, King Viserys I Targaryen ordered his son Daeron and his grandson Jacaerys Velaryon to be nursed by the same wet nurse, because he hoped to prevent enmity between them by raising them as milk brothers. Unfortunately, the plan was unsuccessful.[25]

In 130 AC, during the Dance of the Dragons, Prince Aemond Targaryen fell in love with Alys Rivers, a mysterious woman and reported woods witch who was also a wet nurse at Harrenhal.[26] Though reputable historians say Alys was the bastard daughter of Lord Lyonel Strong, the fool Mushroom's Testimony claims that Alys was far older than she looked and had nursed Lyonel's sons, and perhaps even Lyonel himself.[27] By 132 AC, Alys was known as the "witch queen" of Harrenhal.[28]

In 136 AC, trials were held for those involved in the conspiracy surrounding the end of the Lysene Spring and the secret siege of Maegor's Holdfast. Prince Viserys Targaryen attended every day, often accompanied by his wife Larra Rogare and their son Aegon, as well as the baby's wet nurse.[29]

Old Nan first came to Winterfell to nurse Lord Willam Stark's son Brandon, whose mother had died in childbirth. Unfortunately, Brandon died of a summer chill when he was three, but Nan continued to live at Winterfell, nursing many children over the years and telling them stories. Even after Nan grew too old to serve as a wet nurse, she continued to take care of the Stark children and tell them her tales.[30]

In 255 AC, Lord Tytos Lannister and his wife, Lady Jeyne Marbrand, welcomed their fifth child, Gerion. He was healthy, but his mother died within a month of his birth. Though Tytos was greatly saddened by the death of his wife, he soon became enamored of Gerion's wet nurse, and made her his first mistress. Tytos often retreated to her comforts rather than deal with ruling the westerlands. By 267 AC, the wet nurse had been replaced by Tytos's second mistress.[31]

In 273 AC, Lady Joanna Lannister died in childbirth, and her son Tyrion was given to the care of a wet nurse.[32][9] Tyrion's older sister, Cersei, wanted to show off the dwarf baby to Casterly Rock's guests, Elia and Oberyn Martell. The wet nurse tried to send them away, but Cersei threatened her, calling her a "milk cow" who didn't need a tongue.[33]

When the infant Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen died in 274 AC, his father, King Aerys II, angrily blamed the baby's wet nurse, and had her beheaded. Aerys later blamed his mistress and her family, before taking the child's death as a sign from the gods that he should be true to his wife alone.[9]

The birth of Prince Viserys Targaryen in 276 AC only seemed to make King Aerys II more fearful and obsessive. Though the baby was healthy, the king was terrified that he would die, and had the Kingsguard watch him day and night. Even Queen Rhaella Targaryen was forbidden to be alone with her son, and when her milk dried up, Aerys insisted that his own food taster drink from the breasts of the prince's wet nurse, to make sure she had not smeared poison on her nipples.[9]

In 283 AC, after the end of Robert's Rebellion, Lord Eddard Stark's new bride Catelyn Tully traveled to Winterfell from Riverrun with their first baby, Robb. When Catelyn arrived, she found that her husband's bastard, Jon Snow, and his wet nurse were already living there, which greatly upset Catelyn.[2]

In 284 AC on Dragonstone, Queen Rhaella Targaryen gave birth to her daughter Daenerys, and died in childbirth. Shortly afterwards, King Robert I Baratheon's brother Stannis plannned to assault Dragonstone. As the Targaryen fleet had been destroyed by the storm during which Daenerys had been born, the garrison at Dragonstone planned to sell her and her brother Viserys to Robert. However, before they could act on this plan, Ser Willem Darry and several other loyal retainers rescued the children and smuggled them into exile, along with Daenerys's wet nurse, sailing to the Free City of Braavos.[34]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

On the road to King's Landing, King Robert Baratheon's men are surprised to see Sansa Stark's direwolf Lady in their camp, and Sandor Clegane jokes that the Starks use direwolves as wet nurses.[35]

A Clash of Kings

The infant Lady Ermesande Hayford attends the tourney on King Joffrey I Baratheon's name day, seated on her wet nurse's lap. Sansa Stark has heard gossip that Ermesande may soon be married to one of Queen Regent Cersei Lannister's cousins, so that the Lannisters may claim her lands.[36]

After Tyrek Lannister marries Ermesande, he is mockingly nicknamed "Wet Nurse" by his fellow squires.[37]

A Storm of Swords

In the riverlands, Edric Dayne tells Arya Stark that her half brother Jon Snow is his milk brother.[N 3] Edric explains that his mother did not have enough milk for him when he was born, so he had to be nursed by Wylla, a wet nurse at Starfall. When Arya asks who Wylla is, Edric replies that she is Jon's mother.[4]

Sansa Stark is introduced to Grisel, Petyr Baelish's former wet nurse and now the keeper of his tower.[38]

Gilly arrives at Castle Black with her infant son, and becomes a wet nurse for Mance Rayder's newborn son because his mother Dalla has died in childbirth.[39]

A Feast for Crows

At Castle Black, Lord Commander Jon Snow explains to Samwell Tarly that he is sending Gilly and her son away from the Wall, and that they will need to find another wet nurse for his milk brother. Sam recommends goat milk in the meanwhile, as he has heard it's better for a baby than cow's milk. Before Gilly leaves for Oldtown with Sam and Maester Aemon, she makes Jon promise to find the baby a good woman to be his wet nurse, so that he will grow up big and strong.[40] In actuality, Jon has forced Gilly to secretly leave behind her son and take Mance's son, in order to protect him from Melisandre. For much of the journey to Oldtown, Gilly is overcome with grief at being separated from her child,[41][42] but eventually comes to love Dalla's child as much as she loves her own.[16]

Asha Greyjoy voyages from Deepwood Motte to Harlaw with her hostages, Lady Sybelle Glover and her children, Gawen and the infant Erena. Sybelle's milk dries up during the crossing, and they stop at the Stony Shore to search for a wet nurse for Erena; instead they find a goat. When Asha arrives at Ten Towers, she asks her uncle, Lord Rodrik Harlaw, if there is a nursing mother in the village, as Erena is not thriving.[7]

In Dorne, Arianne Martell travels with a few trusted companions, including her milk brother Garin. Arianne introduces Garin to Princess Myrcella Baratheon, saying his mother was her wet nurse.[43]

The late Lady Lysa Arryn used to breastfeed her son, young Lord Robert, who is prone to seizures.[3] When the eight-year-old Robert has another seizure, Maester Colemon describes the practice to the boy's stepfather, Petyr Baelish. Petyr mockingly asks if they should find Robert a wet nurse, and wean him when he marries, so he can move from his nurse's nipples to his wife's. Instead, Petyr suggests they use sweetsleep to calm Robert, and the maester hesitantly agrees.[44]

Jaime Lannister travels to Hayford and is introduced to Lady Ermesande, but when she starts to cry, the toddler is taken away to bed by her wet nurse.[45]

A Dance with Dragons

When Daario Naharis insults Prince Quentyn Martell, his friend Gerris Drinkwater defends him, and Daario mockingly calls Gerris Quentyn's wet nurse.[46]

Lords Torghen Flint and Brandon Norrey arrive at Castle Black, each bringing a wet nurse. The Norrey nurse is forty years old, and has extremely large breasts. The Flint nurse is fourteen years old and flat-chested, but has plenty of milk. With his two wet nurses, Gilly's son thrives.[47] After Princess Shireen Baratheon arrives at Castle Black, Val insists that neither the baby, who she calls "little monster", nor his nurses should stay in the same tower as the girl, a survivor of greyscale.[48] Leathers thinks Toregg has taken a liking to one of Monster's wet nurses, but Jon thinks Toregg prefers Val.[49]

Known wet nurses

Those known to have used a wet nurse


Will: My mother told me that dead men sing no songs.
Waymar: My wet nurse said the same thing, Will. Never believe anything you hear at a woman's tit. There are things to be learned even from the dead.[17]

Cold and hard and mean, that's the Wall, and the men who walk it. Not like the stories your wet nurse told you. Well, piss on the stories and piss on your wet nurse.[19]

When I was a boy, my wet nurse told me that one day, if men were good, the gods would give the world a summer without ending.[32]

Cersei promised Elia to show you to us. The day before we were to sail, whilst my mother and your father were closeted together, she and Jaime took us down to your nursery. Your wet nurse tried to send us off, but your sister was having none of that. 'He's mine,' she said, 'and you're just a milk cow, you can't tell me what to do. Be quiet or I'll have my father cut your tongue out. A cow doesn't need a tongue, only udders.'[33]

Edd: Lord Snow wishes to speak with you as soon as he is done with Craster's wife.

Sam: Gilly.
Edd: That's the one. If my wet nurse had looked like her, I'd still be on the teat. Mine had whiskers.

Pyp: Most goats do.[40]

The maesters say large breasts produce no more milk than small ones, but I do not believe it. Have you ever known a wet nurse with small teats?[51]

Jon: Where can I find Toregg?
Leathers: With the little monster, like as not. He's taken a liking to one o' them milkmaids, I hear.[49]


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