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Night's Watch.svgMullyNight's Watch.svg
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Westeros
Born Westeros[1]

Mully is a steward of the Night's Watch.

Appearance and Character

Mully has greasy orange hair and a beard.[2] There are contradictory elements regarding Mully's age in the books as Jon Snow once refers to him as old[3] and once as being in his prime.[4]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Mully is one of the brothers left behind by Bowen Marsh to defend Castle Black. He manages to hit the wildling Big Boil with an arrow during the attack on Castle Black.[3] Later he is sent by Jon Snow, acting commander of Castle Black, to find out why Zei has not yet returned from a mission to request help from Mole's Town, and he finds the village and its brothel deserted.[5] Mully congratulates Jon after he is chosen Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.[6]

A Feast for Crows

Mully stands guard outside of the armory of Castle Black.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Mully is one of the men brought along as muscle to assist Jon in escorting Janos Slynt out of Castle Black to carry out his duties as garrison commander of Greyguard.[8]

Mully is among the black brothers who gather at the gate of Castle Black after word spreads that the heads of three rangers were found impaled on spears outside the gate on the north side of the Wall. When Jon and his party return through the gate, Mully is informed that Jack Bulwer, Hairy Hal, and Garth Greyfeather have been slain by the Weeper.[2]

Mully and Eddison Tollett escort Val to the gate through the Wall and provide her with a horse on the orders of Jon, who wants Val to find Tormund Giantsbane and offer him and his people sanctuary behind the Wall in exchange for fighting the Others when they attack. As Val rides off, Mully raises his concerns about what the other men of the Night's Watch will say, but Jon brushes off his concerns, noting that many of those who would doubt his motives already think him to be half-wildling anyway.[9]

When Ty and Dannel return to Castle Black with Alys Karstark, whom they found on the road riding to Castle Black seeking Jon, Mully wakes the Lord Commander and informs him of the situation before escorting him to the girl.[10]

Mully attends the wedding of Alys to Sigorn, the Magnar of Thenn, and complains of the cold. He eagerly attends the wedding feast prepared by Three-Finger Hobb. When two horn blasts are heard coming from the Wall, Mully listens nervously with the other wedding guests, and is relieved when no third blast is heard.[11]

When Tormund leads his band of wildlings to the Wall after negotiating a peace with the Night's Watch, Mully is a member of the honor guard which protects Jon as he oversees their passage through the Wall.[4] Some time later, an angry Ghost bites at Mully, but Jon attributes his agitation to the boar of the warg Borroq.[12]

Behind the Scenes

Mully is named after Mulligan, an orange cat once owned by George R. R. Martin and his now wife, Parris.[13]