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House Sarsfield.svgPimply squireHouse Sarsfield.svg
  • The pimply squire[1]
  • That Sarsfield boy[2]
Culture Westermen
Died 300 AC
the inn at the crossroads

A pimply squire from House Sarsfield is part of the Mountain's men. He is a squire to Ser Gregor Clegane,[3] along with Joss Stilwood.[4] The given name of the boy is unknown.

Appearance and Character

The youth is chunky and has brown hair.[1] He is pimpled, with a large white one on one side of his nose, as well as red ones on his forehead.[1] Arya Stark thinks the boy is stupid[5] and has a mocking grin.[1] The boy dresses like a squire. He carries a sword and a knife.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

In 300 AC, Polliver and the Tickler bring the squire to the inn at the crossroads so the youth can lose his virginity to one of the whores there. When Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark arrive at the inn for wine and information, Sandor converses with the Mountain's men. The drunken squire insults the Hound for fleeing King's Landing in the Battle of the Blackwater and will not be quiet until the Tickler twists his ear.[1]

When Sandor refuses to go to Harrenhal or King's Landing with his brother's men, a fight ensues. The squire tries to join in, but Arya throws a wine cup at his white pimple and knocks him down. The squire interrupts Arya when she tries to aid Sandor, so she stabs him in the belly with his own knife. After the Tickler and Polliver are killed, the mortally-wounded squire cries and begs for mercy. The boy mistakenly refers to Sandor as a knight, so the Hound strikes his face. Since the squire will take a long time dying, Sandor tells Arya to give him mercy and asks if she remembers where the heart is. Arya takes Needle, which she had recovered from Polliver's body, and kills the squire. She claims eight silvers from his body.[1]

A Feast for Crows

Arya remembers how the pimply squire had cried after he was stabbed.[6]

The Mountain's men at Harrenhal tell Ser Jaime Lannister that according to the innkeeper and his whores, Sandor and "a ragged peasant lad" had killed Polliver, the Tickler, and "that Sarsfield boy" at the crossroads inn.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

After Arya receives a new face from the Faceless Men, she dreams of the people she has killed, including the pimply squire.[7]

Quotes by the squire

Is this the lost puppy Ser Gregor spoke of? The one who piddled in the rushes and ran off? Ser said his puppy brother tucked his tail between his legs when the battle got too warm at King’s Landing. He said he ran off whimpering.[1]

—squire to Sandor Clegane

Are you the puppy's puppy?[1]

—squire to Arya Stark

I came for the girls ... make me a man, Polly said ... oh, gods, please, take me to a castle ... a maester, take me to a maester, my father's got gold ... it was only for the girls ... mercy, ser.[1]

—squire to Sandor Clegane

Quotes about the squire

Polliver: The lad's drunk. He can't hold his wine, is all.
Sandor: Then he shouldn't drink.[1]

I wouldn't have killed him if he hadn't grabbed me.[5]

—thoughts of Arya Stark