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The Tickler
The Tickler TheMico.jpg
The Tickler, by TheMico

Alias the Tickler
Allegiance House Clegane
Culture Westermen
Died In 300 AC, at Inn at the Crossroads
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Played by Anthony Morris
TV series Season 2
Arya stabs the Tickler over and over again in a rage until The Hound stops her - by Mathia Arkoniel

The Tickler is a man-at-arms in service to Ser Gregor Clegane. His given name is unknown.

Appearance and Character

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He has medium height and build, with a face so ordinary that it's difficult to establish his age.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The Tickler is one of Gregor Clegane's men-at-arms, the group that captures Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie in the Riverlands. The Tickler tortures the smallfolk of the Riverlands on the orders of Gregor, trying to gain information on the whereabouts of Lord Beric Dondarrion and any food and valuables they might know the locations of.[2] For this, Arya adds him to her list.[2]

The Tickler departs Harrenhal alongside Tywin Lannister as part of Gregor Clegane's vanguard, unknowingly putting himself out of Arya's reach to choose him as her next target for Jaqen H'ghar.[3]

The Tickler later participates in the Battle of the Fords under Gregor Clegane's command, managing to cross the trident as one of his best men. He survives the battle at Stone Mill and successfully retreats when Edmure Tully counter-attacks with his reserve.[4]

A Storm of Swords

The Tickler's atrocities are recalled by Arya, who informs Harwin and the brotherhood without banners of his actions when his group captured her and Gendry near the God's Eye and his interrogation and torturing of the smallfolk on the way to Harrenhal.[5]

The Tickler continues to be religiously included in Arya's list, though as time goes on she struggles to remember his face as well as the other marked members of Gregor's men-at-arms. His face in particular proves elusive, due to his ordinary looks.[6]

After securing Harrenhal under The Mountain's command, The Tickler, Polliver and a Sarsfield squire visited the Inn at the Crossroads to "tickle" the inkeep before coming across Sandor Clegane and Arya. A fight ensues, the Tickler armed with a shortsword in one hand and a dagger in the other. The three are killed, with the Tickler being slain by Arya with multiple stabs to his back when he was distracted by Sandor. As she stabs him repeatedly, Arya screams the questions he asked the smallfolk when interrogating them.[1]

Quotes by the Tickler

Is there gold hidden in the village? Silver, gems? Is there food? Where is Lord Beric? Which of you village folk helped him? Where did he go? How many men did he have with him? How many knights? How many bowmen? How many were horsed? How are they armed? How many wounded? Where did they go, did you say?[5]

Quotes about the Tickler

Tickler makes them howl so hard they piss themselves.[2]


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