Roy Connington

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House Connington.svg Lord
Roy Connington
House Connington.svg
Alias Red Roy Connington[1]
Title Lord of Griffin's Roost[1]
Allegiance House Connington
Culture Stormlander
Born 67 AC[2]
Died 93 AC or 94 AC[2]

Roy Connington, known as Red Roy Connington, was the Lord of Griffin's Roost and the head of House Connington during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Presumably, the lord was known as Red Roy due to the characteristic red hair of House Connington, as Archmaester Gyldayn notes red hair as an important quality in a possible child of his.[1]


Lord Roy, Jonah Mooton, and Ser Braxton Beesbury became the three male favorites of Princess Saera Targaryen in 82 AC. Joined by Alys Turnberry and Perianne Moore, the young men and women became inseparable at every feast and ball, hunted and hawked together, and once sailed across Blackwater Bay to Dragonstone.[1]

In 84 AC, Roy, Jonah, and Braxton were found drunk at the Blue Pearl, a brothel in King's Landing, laughing as the king's fool, Tom Turnip, was surrounded by whores. When asked by men of the City Watch, Roy admitted they thought it would be funny to see the fool do the deed.[1]

When Perianne and Alys were questioned about the incident, it was revealed that Alys was pregnant outside of wedlock, and that Saera had coerced them into sexual acts with her male favorites. Roy, Jonah, and Braxton were then imprisoned in the dungeons.[1]

When questioned by King Jaehaerys and Queen Alysanne, Saera defended herself by saying Roy would marry her. She confessed that she had given her maidenhead to all three of her male favorites, with each of them thinking he was the first. She proposed a solution of redemption by marrying all three of her favorites, like King Maegor and his six wives, at which the king grew furious.[1]

A hasty marriage was proposed between Lord Roy and the pregnant Alys Turnberry, but he refused, claiming the child was Braxton's bastard whom he would not make heir to Griffin's Roost. The child born to Alys was a girl with red hair, signifying she was likely fathered by Lord Roy.[1]

King Jaehaerys gave Roy the choice of his punishment: joining the Night's Watch or ten years of exile. Roy chose exile, going first to Pentos and then Myr. He never returned to Westeros, as he was stabbed to death by a whore only half a year before the end of his exile.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Roy is reminiscent of Lord Jon and Ser Ronnet Connington from A Song of Ice and Fire. Roy and Jon each had a friendship with a Targaryen royal that led to exile in Essos by a king (Saera and Jaehaerys I for Roy, Rhaegar and Aerys II for Jon). He had the same nickname as Ronnet and they both refused to marry when a match was made for them (Alys Turnberry for Roy and Brienne of Tarth for Ronnet).


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Last known title holder:
Kyle Connington
Lord of Griffin's Roost
(Exiled in 84 AC)
Next known title holder:
Armond Connington