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Shandystone is an abandoned holdfast in southeastern Dorne.


The modest ruins have fluted pillars, triple arches, and a dry well. It contains mosaics and statues, but most of the building has been overtaken by the sands, including the mosaics inside, while the faces of the statues have been scoured away by it. Nearby are dead trees whose branches have been bleached white[1]


The holdfast was abandoned when the well went dry circa 200 AC.[1]

Prince Oberyn Martell once brought two of his daughters, Tyene and Sarella Sand, with his niece, Princess Arianne Martell, to Shandystone. Oberyn showed Tyene how to milk vipers for their venom, while Sarella explored rocks and mosaics to learn of the holdfast's history. Arianne begged her uncle for a story.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Princess Arianne Martell gathers her supporters at Shandystone to begin her quest to crown Princess Myrcella Baratheon as queen. They then travel south and west toward the Greenblood.[1]


Arianne Martell arrived with Drey and Sylva just as the sun was going down, with the west a tapestry of gold and purple and the clouds all glowing crimson. The ruins seemed aglow as well; the fallen columns glimmered pinkly, red shadows crept across the cracked stone floors, and the sands themselves turned from gold to orange to purple as the light faded.[1]

—thoughts of Arianne Martell

It is lovely here.[1]

Chapters that take place at Shandystone


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